Oakdale Electric Cooperative offers incentives, also known as rebates, for residential and business/commercial members. From LED lighting to an upgraded HVAC system, members can save with energy-efficient items that will continue to yield electricity savings for years to come. 

Just because you find a sale on a refrigerator or clothes washer does not mean it (or other items) will qualify for the appliance incentive. Prior to purchasing, review the incentive criteria for the item(s) listed below by clicking on the appropriate incentive form. 

Important Incentives Details

  • Incentives must be submitted within 3 months of purchase and installation.
  • Incentives are in place through December 26, 2024. Funds are limited so submit required documentation as soon as possible.
  • Incentives will be applied as a credit on an electric account.
  • Refer to incentive forms for detailed criteria.
  • Incentive program is subject to change without notice.

Appliances & Recycling Incentive

Appliance Incentives must be ENERGY STAR certified. Look for the blue ENERGY STAR logo or verify at energystar.gov

  • $25 - Clothes Dryer
  • $25 - Clothes Washer
  • $25 - Dehumidifier
  • $25 - Dishwasher
  • $25 - Freezer
  • $25 - Inductive Range
  • $25 - Refrigerator 

Recycling incentives require the appliance to be in working order and must be removed from service and fully disposed of following federal, state, and local laws. 

  • $25 - Recycling - Freezer
  • $25 - Recycling - Refrigerator
  • $25 - Recycling - Room Air Conditioner 

Refer to the Appliance & Recycling Incentive form for all details. 

Lighting Incentive

Lighting incentive request must be five (5) ore more bulbs. Quantities less than 5 bulbs do not qualify. 

Residential Lighting: Lighting products for your home include:

  • $0.50/bulb - LED Bulb 
  • $5 - Occupancy Sensor

Non Residential Lighting: Lighting products for your farm or business include:

  • $0.50/bulb - LED Bulb 
  • $5 - Occupancy Sensor (does not include motion detector bulbs or fixtures)
  • $5 - LED Exit Sign
  • $0.50 per 800 lumens in the fixture 

Refer to the Lighting Incentive form for all details. 


HVAC Incentive 

Size is based on 12,000 btuh/ton. If < 1 ton, round up to nearest 1/4 ton. If > 1 ton, round up to nearest 1/2 ton. 

  • $300/ton - Heat Pump - Air Source & MiniSplit 
  • $300/ton - Heat Pump - Commercial Air Source & PTHPs 
  • $500/ton - Heat Pump - Geothermal
  • $35/unit - New Furnace with Efficient ECM Blower Motor 

Refer to the HVAC Incentive form for all requirements and specifications. 

Electric Water Heater Incentive

Residential and Commercial water heaters must be on load control as defined by the cooperative. A $3.00 credit will be automatically applied to the member's monthly bill.

Learn more at Load Management

  • $150/unit - 50-79 gallons
  • $300/unit - 80 gallons or larger
  • $300/unit - Heat Pump Water Heater - 50 gallons or larger
  • $300/unit - Solar Storage Water Heater with Electric Back-up

Refer to the Electric Water Heater Incentive form for all details. 

Ag, Commercial & Industrial Incentive

Refer to the Ag, Commercial & Industrial Incentive form for requirements and specifications on each equipment incentive. 

  • $25 - Commercial Vending Machine Controls
  • $500 - Dairy Plate Cooler/Well Water Pre-Cooler
  • $300 - Dairy Refrigeration Heat Recovery with Electric Backup 
  • $200 - Electric Forklift Battery Charger 
  • $50 - Low/Zero Energy Livestock Waterer 
  • $1/inch - Exhaust fan 
  • $1/inch - Circulation Fan 
  • $30/HP - Scroll Refrigerator Compressor 
  • $30/HP - Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)  

Appliances eligible for incentives MUST be ENERGY STAR Certified. Look for the blue ENERGY STAR logo or find out at energystar.gov

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