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Oakdale Electric Cooperative will be closed on Monday, May 27 in observation of Memorial Day.

Who's Responsible

Guidelines For Repairing Electric Service

Oakdale Electric Cooperative (OEC) owns the following equipment and is responsible for maintaining:

OEC Overhead Electric Service:

  • The wires from the transformer to the meter pole and the electrical connections on those wires.
  • The meter pole, guy wires and ground rod.
  • The electric meter.

OEC Underground Electric Service:

  • The cable connecting the underground electrical transformer to the meter.
  • Locating faults that occur on cable connecting the underground electrical transformer to the electric meter and the connections.

Coop consumers/members are responsible for maintaining:

Overhead Electric Service:

  • The meter loop, including the meter socket.
  • Fuses and/or breaker panel, including disconnect switches.
  • Secondary service wires leaving the meter pole and connecting to other buildings/locations and the connections to those wires.

Underground Electric Service:

  • Location and repair secondary service wires extending from the meter to other building and those connections.
  • Any disconnect switches, fuses, and/or breaker panels at the meter.
  • The meter socket.
  • Supply own secondary service wire on a 600 Amp and larger electric service.


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