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Mainstreet Messenger

You’ll never have to feel that you’re alone when you have our Mainstreet Messenger emergency phone system in your home.  The emergency alert button can be activated from either a portable pendant or the phone console.  Pushing the alert button allows a two-way voice communication, with trained emergency phone operators at the Cooperative Response Center.  The center will in turn notify the emergency services in your county or individuals you have predetermined.

The Mainstreet Messenger phone and emergency monitoring service are available through Oakdale Electric Cooperative.  The prices are as follows:

Set up - $50.00 non taxable
Lease & Monitoring - $24.00 / month plus tax

While the Cooperative Response Center system was originally formed with the elderly and physically restricted persons in mind, service is not limited to those households.  Any home can be a site of an emergency and a person of any age can benefit from the many features of the Mainstreet Messenger phone.

Installation is easy.  The system only requires a regular telephone jack and electric outlet.  An employee from Oakdale Electric Cooperative will assist in programming the emergency response system.  No hassles and no intimidating electronics to remember.  Just push the button for help.  That is it! This is “peace of mind” for the whole family.

If you would like more information about how the Mainstreet Messenger phone and the Cooperative Response Center emergency system can benefit you or a loved one, simply call Sherry Anderson ( at Oakdale Electric, (608) 372-4131.

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