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Connecting Wind/Solar System

OEC wants to assist cooperative members interested in owning and installing a renewable generation system. If you’re a member of Oakdale Electric Cooperative and are interested in interconnected solar or wind generation call us at 800-241-2468 or send an e-mail to for complete information.

Things you need to know:

  1. There are rules concerning proper equipment, safety, liability and metering. Please contact us before you start your project to be sure your plans comply and your project goes smoothly.

  2. Review OEC’s checklist below that will help you navigate the interconnection process.

  3. Discuss your project with our employees for general information or specific needs. We applaud our members who are working to conserve energy and who support renewable energy. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Interconnection Checklist

Before you begin your interconnection project, review the Interconnection Checklist to help navigate your way through the process.

  • Complete and submit the Wisconsin Public Service Commission Interconnection Application (website? Phone number?) and Interconnection Agreement to Oakdale Electric Cooperative. These documents list the specifications of the equipment to be installed and estimates system performance. Your system provider or installer can provide this information. 

  • Contact Focus on Energy for rebate availability.

  • Provide a copy of your proof of liability insurance to ACEC.

  • The co-generating installation (solar panels, wind turbine, inverters, disconnects, etc.) must be inspected and approved by a State Inspector prior to inspection and approval by OEC.

  • Notify OEC when the system is inspected, approved and ready for interconnection.

  • OEC performs a field inspection/test of the interconnected system components.

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